What’s Happening in the Music World


One Direction

As reported in the Rolling Stone Newsletter, One Direction members are taking a break. Not surprising after all of the controversy that occurred earlier this summer.  Niall Horan is quoted in the newsletter saying that they are taking a break for “at least a year to pursue solo projects.”  Looking forward to what they individually come out with.


Calvin Harris

NME reports that Calvin Harris is among the top paid DJs in the world raking in approximately $66 million.  I guess he can hold his own with girlfriend Taylor Swift. Nice catch Taylor!


Allanis Morissette

Speaking of Taylor Swift, one of my all time favorites Allanis Morissette joined Taylor on stage at her concert in LA to sing the most awesome male trashing song You Oughta Know!  I can’t wait to search for that on Youtube!  That must have been awesome!  Mad love for Taylor!



Rolling Stone Newsletter, NME News

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In the News


Baby #2 on the Way for Kelly Clarkson

While performing at a concert the other day, Kelly Clarkson apparently broke down in tears.  Not intending to announce the pregnancy, she decided to let the audience know so they didn’t think she was “on pills” or “drunk.”  Best wishes to Kelly and her pregnancy.


Fallout Boy hit single Uma Thurman

Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy said the group reached out to Uma Thurman regarding naming their hit single after her.  Uma Thurman apparently she was “okay with it.”  He continued to say that after 13+ years together as a band they are trying to challenge themselves with new content.  Looking forward to what is to come.


Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton

According to Chris Young, who was unwillingly dragged into the mega couples divorce news, he is still good friends with both Blake and Miranda.  When the accusations where coming out via the media, Chris said he “reached out” to Blake to make sure he knew that the rumors where not true.  Hoping a peaceful divorce for Miranda and Blake and that no one else gets dragged through the mud.


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